What to do if Your Sign is Damaged in Shipping

What to do if Your Sign is Damaged in Shipping

The stress of receiving important packages in perfect condition is real, especially when you've waited for a custom piece to be made. When that package shows up with a beat up cardboard appearance, it can be frustrating for sure! 

Here's what to do if your package is damaged by the UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. 

Step 1: take pictures of the box before openeing it! This step is cruicial and will protect you in a claim. 

Step 2: open the box and inspect the contents within 24 hours of delivery for best protection if a claim might be needed. 

Step 3: not only are you inspecting corners to be free of bends or chipped paint or powdercoat, you'll need to verify that anything else you purchased will be in the package as holes in the cardboard may be an easy way for contents to fall out along the way to your home. 

Step 4: If you need to file a claim, you'll need to send the pictures and any information you have on the carrier to your shipper, the person who shipped your sign. They will be the one to file the claim.

Step 5: Expectations. Based on the due dilligence you've done and forwarded back to the shipper, the shipper will make a decision to replace your piece with minimal hassle to you. In many cases the sign will need to be shipped back and a new one will be sent or your sign will be fixed and returned within an acceptable time frame. 

Step 6: Relationship. Its important to know that there are 3 parties involved and all must work together to resolve as quickly and efficiently as possible. The least amount of drama is ideal but you should definitely share all of the details you can that will aid in getting your sign replaced ASAP. Most shippers want their customers to be happy and understand how frustrating it can be to receive a package that was damaged by the carrier or came apart while shipping. We care and take extra precaution to ensure our products are carefully packaged so this never happens.


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